What will HB727 actually do?

HB727 will prohibit people from protesting the Bayou Bridge pipeline.

The Bayou Bridge pipeline will destroy the Atchafalaya Basin.

The Atchafalaya Basin is "the largest wetland and swamp in the United States... It contains the largest... block of forested wetlands remaining (about 35%) in the lower Mississippi River valley and the largest block of floodplain forest in the United States" (Wikipedia).

Basically it's crucial for its clean water and for protecting our coastal cities and towns from flooding. The Basin actually meets the requirements for "Critical Infrastructure" as defined by the Federal Government and might one day be designated as such, if politics swing in its favor. Though, if the pipeline goes through, the Basin won't make it long enough to see that happen.

Like many artists and martyrs, The Basin might not receive recognition for its contributions until after it's dead when an older, wiser government will acknowledge the sins of the past. Assuming we make it that long. 

The Companies want to end the pipeline in Saint James Parish, where Oil and Gas already has a strong presence. I admit I don't know the town well. A quick google frames it as a historic town. WGNO calls it "the bonfire capital of the world." And apparently it is the only cultivation site in the world for Perique tobacco, which has been produced for nearly two centuries by an Acadian exile and his descendants (Wiki). They didn't sell out to Big Tobacco and are now in high demand. 

People in Saint James are already poisoned and dying of cancer. 

The purpose of the pipeline is to connect Texas with Louisiana. It's another Oil and Gas superhighway. 

So they don't even need it. It's just to cut transport times. It's the (Time = Money!) mentality. They just want to do more. They just want to make more. Because they can. Because we let them. 

They might be throwing it all on the wall for the little time they have left before everyone turns on them, trying to get as much money as possible before people are no longer using gas and fuel.

Because it's clear that next 30 years are going to be "critical" for the Oil and Gas industry. If they make it that long...

So call your Representative today! 

Article from "Bayou Brief"

“'The federal government defines critical infrastructure as follows: ‘systems and assets so vital to the United States that the incapacity of them would have debilitating impact on security, national public health, or safety’,” explained Kathleen Patton, the widow of Abita Brewery’s founding partner. “Pipelines like Bayou Bridge don’t fit that definition. All of the oil is for export. It’s to benefit private investors, not the public sector, while the public threat is people dying from environmental pollutants.

'The real reason for this bill’s assault on constitutional rights of free speech and free assembly is to effectively change the reach of government to include private profitability,' she concluded."

Here's a the rest of the article from Bayou Brief: https://www.bayoubrief.com/2018/04/08/free-speech-depends-on-who-is-speaking/

Hold them accountable!

A List of HB 727's sponsors:

Representative Major Thibaut [D]Primary

Representative Mark Abraham [R]Cosponsor

Representative Beryl Amedee [R]Cosponsor

Representative John Anders [D]Cosponsor

Representative Lawrence Bagley [R]Cosponsor

Representative John Berthelot [R]Cosponsor

Representative Robert Billiot [D]Cosponsor

Representative Stuart Bishop [R]Cosponsor

Representative Terry Brown [I]Cosponsor

Representative Thomas Carmody [R]Cosponsor

Representative Stephen Carter [R]Cosponsor

Representative Charles Chaney [R]Cosponsor

Representative Jean-paul Coussan [R]Cosponsor

Representative Raymond Crews [R]Cosponsor

Representative George Cromer [R]Cosponsor

Representative Michael Danahay [D]Cosponsor

Representative Paula Davis [R]Cosponsor

Representative Phillip DeVillier [R]Cosponsor

Representative Stephen Dwight [R]Cosponsor

Representative Rick Edmonds [R]Cosponsor

Representative Julie Emerson [R]Cosponsor

Representative John Guinn [R]Cosponsor

Representative Lance Harris [R]Cosponsor

Representative Kenneth Havard [R]Cosponsor

Representative Lowell Hazel [R]Cosponsor

Representative Bob Hensgens [R]Cosponsor

Representative Valarie Hodges [R]Cosponsor

Representative Frank Hoffmann [R]Cosponsor

Representative Dodie Horton [R]Cosponsor

Representative Frank Howard [R]Cosponsor

Representative Bernard LeBas [D]Cosponsor

Representative Christopher Leopold [R]Cosponsor

Representative Sherman Mack [R]Cosponsor

Representative Tanner Magee [R]Cosponsor

Representative Jack McFarland [R]Cosponsor

Representative Blake Miguez [R]Cosponsor

Representative James Morris [R]Cosponsor

Representative Barbara Norton [D]Cosponsor

Representative Rogers Pope [R]Cosponsor

Representative Stephen Pugh [R]Cosponsor

Representative Steve Pylant [R]Cosponsor

Representative Jerome Richard [I]Cosponsor

Representative Clay Schexnayder [R]Cosponsor

Representative Alan Seabaugh [R]Cosponsor

Representative Joseph Stagni [D]Cosponsor

Representative John Stefanski [R]Cosponsor

Representative Kirk Talbot [R]Cosponsor

Representative Polly Thomas [R]Cosponsor

Representative Mark Wright [R]Cosponsor

Representative Jerome Zeringue [R]Cosponsor

Senator Gerald Boudreaux [D]Cosponsor

Senator Norby Chabert [R]Cosponsor

Senator Dan Claitor [R]Cosponsor

Senator Patrick Cortez [R]Cosponsor

Senator Dale Erdey [R]Cosponsor

Senator Sharon Hewitt [R]Cosponsor

Senator Ronnie Johns [R]Cosponsor

Senator Eric LaFleur [D]Cosponsor

Senator Eddie Lambert [R]Cosponsor

Senator Dan Morrish [R]Cosponsor

Senator Neil Riser [R]Cosponsor

Senator Francis Thompson [D]Cosponsor

Senator Michael Walsworth [R]Cosponsor

Senator Mack White [R]Cosponsor