Together we can defeat HB 727.


HB 727 proposes to add pipelines to the list of "critical infrastructure." It then creates the crime of "conspiracy" for unauthorized entry or damage to critical infrastructure. This means that people can face up to 20 years in prison simply for talking about civil disobedience that would interfere with pipeline construction, even if the actions never occur.

Companies and pro-pipeline legislators hope that this law will prevent a successful protest like Standing Rock. If HB 727 passes, Louisiana will among the first states to overtly violate free speech for the benefit of special interest groups. 

What you can do?

Call your Louisiana State Senator. Tell them you oppose House Bill 727 and that as a constituent, you urge them to oppose BH727 in the upcoming vote.

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You can protect free speech in Louisiana by making your voice heard.

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Calling is the most effective way to influence your representative. By signing up, you agree to receive text message updates on HB 727's progress through the state legislature and daily reminders to call your representative. One call a day can have tremendous implications.

Find your district by clicking: here.
Find your district by clicking: here.

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